Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Beginnings

So remember how I said in my last post that I'm trying to be healthier, well it's definitely in effect. After seeing a photo of myself while styling a shoot. Not only did I get shivers down my spine, but it boosted my desire to get skinny and healthy. So some of the following things Ive started doing:
Staying out of the kitchen, Ive found that if I'm not seeing it, I'm not eating it.
When I do get a snack ( munchies do kick in every now and then) I opt for healthy snacks such as presliced apples, strawberrys or a cup of jello!!!. It makes me feel better about dieting and I dont feel like Im really cutting out all together all the bad things I so dearly love. I've started taking the stairs rather than elevators. I have lost 6 pounds in the past 8 days. YAAAY!!! So I'll keep updating what's happening on that end. I'm also working on a few knitting projects and putting up a new website/blog about makeup. More will follow soon, I promise. Meanwhile check out this incredible blog STOP IT RIGHT NOW If this chick was single, I'd marry her. ( Ususually that only goes for Angelina Jolie...but she is incredible)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As I am in the rather painful process of moving, I find myself questioning why the hell do I have this much stuff. And after much deliberation, I sold half of my closet. Grant it I loved all the things I sold, I think that this is the perfect time in my life to start over. All this was brought on by an interview I read a few days ago, in fact it's the last interview that Mae West gave, months before her death. I actually broke down and cried. Maybe my terrible luck with men is really not related to luck at all. I have come to a conclusion that one must love themselves before anyone else can love them. And that's my problem, I am so uncomfortable in my own skin, that no wonder men don't love me either. I know it's silly, but to me it's a revelation. I'm re-vamping not only myself, but everything that surrounds me. My friends stay however. ( I have some of the best friends on this planet.) But from the body, to the close to the hair color everything is going. I've been hiding far too long, and it's time to shine. So now, There will be a weekly update on my progress of re-vamping my image. Twice a week I will post not only my progress but the changes I'm experiencing. From gyms to food to everything else that I'm figuring out along the way. And of-course fashion, knitting and beauty are all still

Monday, July 19, 2010

Return of the blog

Ok, so after a much needed ( ok not for this long) hiatus from pretty much everything, blogging included. I have started a new job, in the process of moving, taking 18 credits worth of classes and attempting to stay sane, that is a lot if you ask me. Le boyfriend is being sorta helpful with the fiasco of my life. He' trying, hard. I'm still in a HMMM phase on that subject. But moving on. A friend of mine has moved to town from Mother Russia, so I'm making time ( which is hard to come by these days) and taking him out on the town. LA really is an incredible city. Just the cultures and subcultures of all the areas! I went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles the other day... and now I totally understand why it has such a large following. I can eat that chicken for the rest of my life and die happy. It's Absolutely incredible. Just an old-school diner type of place, it just makes me happy to be there. Knitting is still on the slow side, but I'm getting a few cool scarves I started ages ago, all finished up. Photos are to follow. Kittys are good and healthy. We are now up to 5 .... yes that would be 5!!!!!! cats. I'm still not really sure WTF were thinking. But never the less, our newest addition is Tippy. She is one cool cat. a handful with a torpedo up her ass, but still darling.
I went home to visit the Parental Unit, and found a few awesome deals on Groupon to go shlep around the city a bit. Here are a few pics from my excursions.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm still alive...sorta

So I have been somewhat incognito for a while....ok for A LONG TIME. But I think things are looking up now. I'm in the process of starting my own event production company... and I've been meeting a rather large number of new people. The only sad thing is, I don't have nearly enough time to knit, sleep, sew, cook or eat for that matter. But it's ok I'll sleep when I'm dead right??? So while I'm still getting my life together, this is what I have: 

I met this incredible person named Alain, who in fact is the hottest event planner in LA at this moment...and happily enough he's taking me unde
r his wing t
o teach me the ropes of the industry... Check out a party we did at Liberace's Penthouse in West Hollywood...let me tell you.. EXPERIENCE of a LIFEtIME! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For all the Real women out there.

So, as previously discussed, I am a curvy girl. I am constantly trying to get to a " comfortable" zone for my weight. The problem with that is : CLOTHES.
I am a fashion student. I live for shoes. And the other problem is, I wear a size 11 shoe. 
I know, cursed!
But this hunt for clothing started when I realized that I have worn out EVERY pair of jeans I owned. And I mean Every!
And being a poor college student, I mean it's great that 7 For all Man Kind is out with a plus sized line. BUT I can't allow myself to spend $300 on a pair of sexies. 
So you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard that the all-favorite store Forever21 is coming out with a PLUS size line that goes up to 3X!!!! ( I'm just glad they have XL) 
The line is called Faith21. Exciting....I KNOW.
So now, not only is it going to be easier for women with " personalities " will have a choice of stylish clothing to choose from while out shopping with their friends!!
Ah, now I can sleep sound at night. Well almost. With all the great news about clothing that actually fits ( no corsets involved) I now had to ponder.... I NEED SHOES. 
And sure enough, I was talking to a friend of mine. He is the most handsome guy by day and the sexiest and most outrageous Dame by night. 
And he wears a size 13 in women's shoes. When we began having this conversation I was bitching about how I could never find shoes. He laughed, and said  " I've got just the pill for you"
Actually he meant a website. 
PEOPLE it's AMAZING....better than Zappos ( sorry ) 
Not expensive, GREAT GREAT GREAT styles and they go up to Sz. 15 wide. They carry little people sizes as well. But Who cares :)
So ladies...ENJOY to your ass and feet's content. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Perfect Storm

Why hello,
Long time no talk. 
My diet is going fine. I think.
But, other than that, mayhem is officially here. 
I find myself in full throttle of pain, confusion, ecstasy and a small thought of driving my cute little Honda civic Coupe in to the wall of PCH at 98 miles per hour at 3:22 am. 
It's funny really. Well maybe funny is not the best choice of words. 
You see, I have been in more "morally-grey areas" in the past week, than I have in my entire life. 
I've lied, I've kissed someone other than whom I wake up next to every morning, I knitted a sweater that I thought was going to be grand. My mother has been loosing her fucking mind, I have learned to love and hate the world I live in within a 24 hour period, and I have come to a conclusion that no, I am not a simple girl who makes things complicated. I am a VERY complicated girl, who know how to make the world around her spin in the opposite direction.
So now, as I sit here babbling my fingers away to total strangers I come to the realization that, in fact, I quite enjoy writing. My writing is atrocious to say the least, however it makes me very very happy. And it lets me focus at one thing at a time. 
So this all started ages ago, even when I was single. I love to read the personal ads on Craigslist. I don't know how it came about. But I feel like I get to over hear little conversations, to eaves-drop on people and never actually meet them. It's a hobby of sorts. Or at least that's what it's become. 
So one night I was sitting home, X was out of the house, and I decided to post my own sort of " ad" 
After some of the creeps and shallow individuals were sorted through, as well as several spam emails from " women's toy company's" 
There were actually several candidates that were quite charming. 
And now, secretive emails, long thoughts about other men, ideas about foreign countries all started to ponder within my head.
To be fair, I should have know this was coming for quite some time now. 
X was  depressed, so was I. 
I got better, and he was getting worse. I was doing everything in my power to help him. Yet nothing worked. And as I was loosing hope, I understood, that he and I were never meant to be together. Well maybe together, but as friends, nothing less, nothing more. 
He was now being prescribed the medication that he's been needing for years, and although he was getting better at the speed of light, it didn't change the way I felt. 
In any case, back to the story.
I am I woman/girl of passion. I am hot blooded, I love a good laugh, good food, good wine and most of all great company. 
And before I start sobbing again. I'll stop writing. I'm still getting myself together. I will write all this, because if one person can benefit from anything I'd write, that would be plenty.
Till next time.
Over and Out. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hello fellow readers....
So I know that almost everyone is getting ready for summer. I mean WHO does not want to look GREAT in a bikini? 
at's who. 
I am a curvy girl. And to be honest, over the past couple of months I have gotten a little too curvy, if you know what I mean. Seriously I have curves in places I didn't know they could be. ( tmi ....I KNOW) 
The thing is I'm doing this for 3 reasons. 
1) let's face it I'm officially fat. ( not that there's anything wrong with being chubby, but I don't feel comfortable in my own skin.
2) I have migraines, always did. But when I did this 
" cleanse" once before, my brain disorder went bye bye for a couple of moths. 
3) My super hot and size 2 mother is driving me nuts over the coming up Florida retreat. 

" GO RUN" is what I hear every time I pick up the phone. 
( my thoughts....oh GREAT satan is calling again!) 

So.... in order to motivate myself. I always go to Victoria's Secret online store. 
I get all jealous. And then I spend a shit-load of money.  ( sound familiar?) 
And this year, I found a couple of swimsuits that I was tota
lly willing to drop the money on.

this is what I got: 

u can use any " slimming" tea from your local supermarket or Whole Foods. 
( yes it will make you poo, and you will learn to love it)

Ok, you will not turn in to a merma
id after this. ( PROMISE ) 
But since it it a " clense" 
I choose the creme de la creme for water.
( Yes, regular water will work exactly the same, I am just a reckless shopper and go for the posh crap) 

LEMONS....yes, Lemons. Those cute, and nice smelling yellow things.
NO Bottled concentrate shit. PLEASE save your selves! 

Maple syrup is where the good stuff starts. 
I don't care what country it comes from.
I don't care how big the bottle is.
AS LONG AS IT's  NOT THE "CRAP" you put on your pancakes. 
Aunt Jemima is Banned from the house at this time. 

YES... it is CAYENNE pepper. 
The spicy stuff.
this is how you will not feel HUGRY.

Here's the deal. 
there's not eating. 
once again there is what???
you are trying to get rid of all the shit you have been piling in to your sistem during the few cold months. 
That means no more Hagendaas, no more booze no no no no no no 
if it sounds's a NO
If it smells good, it's an even bigger NO.

So now that we've got that down this is what youre gonna do. 
Read the instructions of the " master Cleanse" by clicking on the link. 
ok were back. 
Now remember, you need to keep hydrating. So there's no fainting involved. 
You will be a nasty, moody and pissy bitch for the first day or two.
Still with me ...
you will drink one " teacup" of the slimming tea
this will get all the junk out of your digestive track.

Now.... because we are all busy adults, I make the mix and bottle it up ahead of time and just keep it in the fridge. I find it also tastes better this way.
You will drink around 6 bottles of this stuff per day. 
( once again, so no fainting is involved...or dehydration for that matter)

I usually do this for about 5 days. 

trust's worth every food and alcohol deprived minute. 

By day three, you will actually not crave food, coffee and other junk that your body is used to.

I would not suggest doing the cleanse for more than 6 days at a time.....

The other thing you have to remember, is when you are finished with the cleanse, you can't go and stuff your face with a XXXXL meat lovers Pizza. 

you have to get back to your normal habits slowly. 
Day one and two do Carrot, a little orange, some apple.
I preffer to get the " odwalla" or the " naked Juice" 

Day three...soups, light veggies. 

Four, light food. ( girls that mean no extra fatty rib-eyes!) 

By day five you should be back on your feet.


if you guys have any questions or comments...LET ME KNOW.
Good Luck and Good Night.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Early Summer

So today, as any other respectable college student in the City of Los Angeles.  I decided to skip my 8 am class in order to enjoy the city's finest. First off...I have to admit I don't do this often, but sometimes it's soooooo much fun to play hooky. And this morining in parucular is reserved for a good cup of coffee and some gossip with a girlfriend. 
And I forgot, after the past few months of constant shit hitting the fan, how nice it really is to sit back, and relax. We smoked, drank coffee, talked about how boys are stupid and just laughed till we nearly peed our pants. I am attempting to keep my life together,  it's sad FUCK i'm only 20 something. 
Keep you posted 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gone Like the Wind.

So, I am terribly apologetic about not posting in nearly 2 months. So many different situations were inhibiting my life that I had no time to breathe.... at times literally. 
In march, I had plans to go and visit my parental unit due to my father turning 60! I mean 60!!! people.  Well, I was flying out on his b day wed. the 18th.....  or at least that was the plan. I totally miscalculated my weeks of school, and thought that that was the week of finals. LITTLE did I know that the finals for the hardest semester ever were actually the following week. The week that I was not supposed tot be there. So after a very pleasant experience with Virgin Airlines. All was sorted out. And I even came back home to take my finals. 
Except for the fact that my computer decided to melt. And my cat giving birth and my boyfriends sister moving in down stairs... MY LIFE HAS BEEN A HOT MESS. Ok.... maybe just a mess. but I promise...I will never abandon my post like that EVER again.... unless something similar happens : ) 

And btw.. here are some pics from the 60 year old's festivities. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

changing lanes

Do you know that place in your life when you just feel like you're stuck in second gear? And you just can't move foreword? And then something, something random even gives you a breath of fresh air. A high. a sense of freedom and belonging in this world. I, was one of the fortunate ones.
I've been in  a never-ending  spiral of ups and downs. And through stupid decisions and lack of social excitement and common understanding between others. But that's besides the point. 
I feel like my life is a type of social experiment. 
As of this moment, I am dating a Brit. Well somewhat of a Brit. His mom is a Brit. My family is Russian/Armenian with a rather conservative background. And then there's me. As my cute little asian friend says I can walk up to a building and have a philosophical conversation with a wall. 
So, Being the fat ass that  I am, I always look for awesome new places to grab a bite,  And one day after walking about in Santa Monica, I stumbled upon a place....let me rephrase. Upon A PUB